Self Love Herbal Bath Tea

Walk'n Beautiez LLC

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*Enjoy SELF LOVE Herbal Bath Tea.

Relieves tension, sore muscles, & soothes

body, mind, & soul.


ROSES, retains moisture, contains Vitamin C

JASMINE, restores/ hydrates skin

PEPPERMINT, removes dead skin cells, hydrates skin

GOAT MILK, moisterizes skin, contains Vitamin A

SEA SALT, exfoliates, anti-inflammatory, calms skin

EPSOM SALT, softens/ exfoliates/ soothes dry skin

BAKING SODA, soothes, relieves tension/ pain, boost circulation

CITRIC ACID, antioxidants, reduces aging effects, exfoliates

VITAMIN E, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, heals skin

ROSE ESSENTIAL OIL, hydrates, reduce acne/ signs of aging

VANILLA ESSENTIAL OIL, antioxidants, rejuvenates skin

PEPPERMINT ESSENTIAL OIL, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial

BERGAMOT ESSENTIAL OIL, antibacterial, natural cleanser


***Drink plenty of water before and after bath Soak.

Soak in bath 10-30min. Rinse off with clean water after.

Contact your doctor if you have additional questions.

Stop use if you develop rash or discomfort, due to

Possible allergic reaction to ingredients.